Thursday, June 30, 2005

Night Owl

Last night, I put Emmett to bed around 9pm. He didn't want me to turn off the light, so we compromised and I left on the hall light. At 10:30 when David and I went to bed, there was Emmett, sitting up in his bed, playing with some books. He was not groggy, so we're pretty sure he'd been awake the whole time. Note to self: If you leave the boy with some light, be sure to turn it off after a few minutes!!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Hot Tamales

Yesterday, Emmett tried the cinnamon candies Hot Tamales. I told him ahead of time that it would be a little hot, and he decided to try it. After the first one, he told me he didn't want any more.

Then today, he asked for another one. I reminded him that they were hot, but he wanted it. He was sitting in his car seat, and I handed one to him. A little bit later, I looked in the rearview window and noticed that he was blowing on the candy, trying to make it "cooler."

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Tonight after dinner, Emmett asked me to tell him a story. So I made up a story about Emmett's nose, who was so tired (because Emmett has not been napping well) that it decided to leave Emmett's face and find a nice place to get some rest. The nose ended up going out the dog door and sleeping on the grass in the backyard.

When the story was over, Emmett started telling a story about David's nose. It paralleled the original story -- the nose climbed down off David's face, walked around the living room, out the dog door, and on to the grass. Then Emmett said "And it went to sleep with Emmett's nose!"

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pictures of Me

This evening, Emmett was sitting on his potty in the bathroom and I was sitting on the floor next to him. Our faces were close together when he leaned over to me and said "What are those pictures of me doing in your eyes while I sit on the potty?"

Tricycle update

Tim asked how the trike riding is going, so I thought I'd answer here for everyone. We've only been riding about once a week, though with the summer weather finally here that will probably increase. In fact, the pool is just the right distance for a ride... Anyway, Emmett is quite good at steering, so long as he isn't distracted by some flower or something. He keeps his feet on the pedals while I'm pushing, and when I stop he'll pedal forward for about one revolution. Then he realizes that he's doing the work, and turns around to get me to push again. So he doesn't ride by himself yet, but probably could if he really wanted to.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

That doesn't make sense!

Sometimes Emmett latches onto phrases without a clear understanding of what they mean. Currently, he'll often exclaim "That doesn't make sense!" whether or not the preceding statement made any sense. For example, I'll say "Time for lunch!" and Emmett will respond "Time for lunch? That doesn't make sense!"

Previously, he's done the same thing with "I have an idea!" He'd run up to me and yell "I have an idea!" When I asked him what his idea was, he'd just stare back at me.

Looking for Oil

David took Emmett to the auto parts store. While David looked for his parts, Emmett studied the other side of the aisle. Then David noticed Emmett saying "I'm looking for oil for the van. I can't find any but here is some for trucks." Sure enough, Emmett was looking at oil, and pointing to oil that was for trucks. (It had a picture of trucks on it.)