Thursday, August 18, 2005

Getting silly...

While in Utah we met up with Greg and his kids, Steven & Emily. After getting a nice photo of the three of them, Steven wanted to take a silly photo. I wasn't sure what Emmett would do, but I said "Emmett, make a funny face!" and watched as Steven and Emily got into funny poses. Emmett, still looking at the camera, put his finger on his nose and smiled.

Earlier today while playing in the living room, he grabbed a truck and put it on his head. He then started shouting "Do you like my hat???" When I told him I did like his hat, he said "I think you do not like my hat!"

Monday, August 08, 2005

Emmett learns to do puzzles.

To keep Emmett interested in visiting lots of houses, I bought a 24 piece puzzle (pieces are about 2x3 inches). I've been taking a couple of pieces into each house with me for him to "find." It's a good thing he's only 2 1/2, because I'm just a couple steps ahead of him dropping the pieces.

Anyway, after a day of house hunting, we came back to the hotel room and assembled the puzzle. David showed him how to find edge pieces and put that together first, then to figure out what pieces go where by looking at the picture. He was ok at it the first time he put it together, and by the second day he pretty much put it together by himself!

An old story...

While driving to LA the last time, we stopped to stretch our legs and I changed Emmett's diaper. About 20 minutes later, Emmett announced "I have a poopy diaper!" So I pulled over at the next exit to change it. When I got his diaper off, it was dry and clean, so we went on our way. Twenty minutes later, he made the same announcement again. I replied, "Do you really have a poopy diaper, or are you just saying that so I will stop the car?" His reply?

"I'm just saying that so you'll stop the car!"

Good thing he hasn't figured out lying, or I'd have made lots of stops on that trip...