Friday, March 30, 2012

Brothers are great

This evening I needed to help Emmett get his piano practice done, but Henry wanted someone to push him on the swing. Luke resisted at first, but in just a few minutes I heard Henry and Luke both laughing outside. Henry was on the swing with Luke pushing. Love that happy sound!

Would you rather?

Emmett and Luke are playing "would you rather" ...

The first question, from Luke to Emmett - "Would you rather win the lottery, or be a magician?"

Emmett - "Be a magician, of course!"

Luke - "Yeah, because then you could just make all the money!" (waving his hands, indicating magically making the money, not earning it by performing)

Monday, March 26, 2012


Sometimes there's lag between pressing the button on the remote for the TV and when the TV actually registers the change. It can be long enough to make you press the button again, and then when the DVR "catches up" you're not on the screen you wanted in the first place. This was happening to Henry today, and he got very frustrated, saying to me, "It's driving me insane!"

In other news, Henry has a new response to any sort of correction / request that he doesn't particularly care for. He looks up at you and sticks out his cute little tongue.

For example, "Henry, if you keep jumping between those two chairs, you could fall and hurt yourself." (tongue) or "Henry, please don't wipe chocolate from your hands onto your pajamas." (tongue) I'll have to get a picture, because it really is cute.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's bedtime, but the boys are outside in the dark riding their scooters with wheels that light-up when they scoot. They've turned off the yard lights, and even come inside to turn off the lights at the back of the house. Once in a while, one of them messes up and triggers the motion-sensor lights on the shop (oops!). It must be spring - it's warm enough to play outside in the dark.