Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things they don't really get

After dinner, Luke says to me, "If you're in a certain grade, and you get a certain letter, like an I or a T or something..."  Emmett pops in and says, "F!"  Luke continues, "Then you have to, like, stay in the same grade again!"

I wonder what Luke thinks is going on...

Friday, June 08, 2012

Waterpark fun!

We went to the waterpark again today.  Luke and I agreed that he'd keep his life jacket on unless he was with me in a pool.  The place was packed.  While that causes long lines on the slides, this place has been built with numerous little multi-level pools to play in.  They get crowded, but there aren't any lines. 

Henry particularly liked the lazy river (it has a created-current to keep people moving in circles).  It was one of the last things we did and he was getting pretty tired, so I had a tube around my waist and Henry was laying in front of me.  I held his head with my arm and he fell asleep!  I don't think he was ever deeply asleep, but he rested quite a bit while we went around-and-around-and-around. 

Luke had a good time in the wave pool, and this time he stayed in much shallower water.  He loved getting shoved around by the waves.  Emmett went out into the deeper water and between the waves and the crowd he was very hard to spot.  After not seeing him for a while, I got out of the pool to try to find him and it still took forever.  While I know that he's a decent swimmer at this point (and isn't a risk taker), it was hard not to get a little worried.  It was quite a relief to spot him again, and now I know he really is fine in the wave pool. (which I knew logically before, but now I've seen him with my own eyes, perfectly comfortable and competent in the wave pool)