Thursday, October 11, 2012

They think we're deaf. And dumb.

In the evening, the boys don't always quiet down right away when we turn off the lights in their bedroom (understatement of the year).  After at least one reminder to them to keep a "bedtime atmosphere" in their room, I realized that Emmett and Luke were playing with ipods and thus in no danger of falling asleep.  It also explained how noisy they were.  So I went to collect the ipods, and found two boys sound asleep on their bed.  Explaining that I was there for the ipods, Luke handed his over and continued pretending to be asleep.  Emmett was still playing dead.  I explained, "You must not be aware of just how easy it is to hear you from the other end of the house.  I know for a fact that you didn't fall asleep in the last 8 seconds!"  And with that, Emmett coughed up his ipod, too.

Meanwhile, at the pool...

Henry has been really enjoying swimming lessons.  Last week he started talking about the diving board, and wondering when he'd get a chance to jump off of it. 

I've seen this kid swim.  He doesn't look comfortable or competent when it comes to floating on his back.  He does it, of course, with his teacher standing right by his side.  I was skeptical of the "diving board" talk.

Yesterday at swimming, though, he was asking his teacher, and she agreed to let him try it.  They swam down to the deep end and Henry climbed out of the pool.  After taking a few steps towards the diving board, he returned to talk to his teacher.  I was nearby, so I went too, and heard him asking her to come with him.  (so cute!)  I told him I'd walk to the diving board with him, and she'd stay in the water to be there when he jumped in.  When he got out to the end of the board, he sat down and did a  sitting dive instead of jumping.  It went fine, and his teacher sent him up to go again.  The second time she was ready and when he started to try to sit down, she stopped him and pulled way out of the water so she could hold his hand while he jumped from his feet.  He did it, and was so proud!  (I love the teachers at Swim Kids.)

Monday, October 08, 2012

File that under "Things moms live for"

While waiting for Luke's and Emmett's swimming classes to start, I asked Luke when he was going to swim the pier-to-pier swim.  He insisted he was much too small, and I told him when I watch him swimming, I imagine him when he's much bigger and a great swimmer because he started when he was young.

He replied, "Well, fortunately you'll still be my mom."