Thursday, November 15, 2012

So real!

Henry is wearing my (corrective) sunglasses, and wandering around saying, "Everything looks so REAL!"  Then he'll take them off and say, "Everything looks so FAKE!" 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Yesterday we made a paper-mache volcano, and today we were putting in baking soda and vinegar to have it "erupt."  Just as we were prepping to pour in the vinegar, I noticed that Henry went out front.  I tried to get him to come inside to watch, but we had described the activity as "making the volcano explode" and he wanted no part of it. 

Luke's first bookmark

Luke has been a competent reader for a few months, but he's not ready for chapter books yet.  At the library, we've been picking out books about on the level with Frog and Toad for him to read, and it's been going well.  Yesterday, I found a paperback with comic-style illustration so there aren't too many words per page, but it's long like a novel.  (does that automatically make it a graphic novel?  I'm not sure about the terms...)  We got it, and at bedtime he read about the first third.  He came out to get a bookmark so he can keep reading it from there.  Fun!