Friday, December 28, 2012


This evening, the kids were watching "The Magic School Bus" before bed.  Henry isn't a huge fan of this show yet, and I think I've figured out why.  He kept coming out of their room to relay plot points that were making him nervous.  "They're lost in outer space!"  or "Ralphie's white blood cells are trying to kill his friend!"  It only took a little reassurance and he'd return to watch the rest of the show. "You know it always has a happy ending so they'll get back to earth, right?" or "You know people don't fit into your veins and it's all pretend, right?"  I'm not sure how much he was nervous and how much he was looking for a reason to come out and chat.

Friday, December 21, 2012

All he wants for Christmas is...

Luke's two front teeth have been gone for a while, and the new teeth are no where to be found.  You can kind of see them, but they haven't broken through his gums yet.  Which leaves him with a mouth that really looks like it has fangs.

Luke's decided to capitalize on this development, so he's been lunging at people and making this guttural_hissing-like sound while opening his mouth in a sneer.  It's kind of creepy.


Emmett decided that he wanted to make some Christmas cards.  He got out some green paper and cut it into tree shapes.  He couldn't find brown paper for trunks, so he got white paper and colored it brown instead.  Then he carefully glued sequins to the trees to decorate them.  When I told him I'd love to get one, too, he kept it hidden from me and told me I'd find it in my stocking on Christmas.  I can't wait!

At the Aquarium

At the aquarium today, we listened to a talk at the shark tank.  They nice man from the education department told us about the sharks and other animals in the shark tank.  While he was talking, Henry caught my attention and said, "He's ignoring me!"  I assured Henry that he wasn't being ignored, and told him to wait until the end when the man asked for questions.  Sure enough, when the talk ended, Henry had a question.  He pointed to one of the big fish in the tank and said, "Why is that fish so funny?"  You might think this was a setup for a joke, but no, that's what Henry wanted to know.  The man handled it well, asking Henry why he thought it was funny, and then continuing on to talk a bit more about that fish.