Friday, January 25, 2013


Yesterday, Henry had something important he wanted to know.  "Mom, what's Mary?  Not Meri like the kid (Meri visited recently), mary!"  I figured out he meant getting married, so I told him that when you find someone you want to be a family with, you marry them so you can spend the rest of your life together, and that's what Dad and I had done, etc.  Then he said, kind of sheepishly, "Well, I would like to marry Lily."  (the 4 year old next door).  It was so cute and funny!  I didn't laugh (whew!). 

I did explain that it's the kind of thing you decide as an adult, though. I hope he takes my word for that.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Henry skis too!

It took some convincing, but Henry finally agreed to have a ski lesson yesterday.  He was nervous about it, even saying that he didn't want to do it after I'd rented him skis and bought the lesson, but it wasn't tough to talk him into giving it a try.  He was in a semi-private lesson with one teacher and two students.  They started on the "magic carpet" and I have a great picture of him grinning while he rode up it the first time.

He did great, and they even went up the bunny lift a few times.  His teacher said he took to it really well, and would probably be able to join the 4 year olds in the ski school after another lesson or two. 

Henry had a fantastic time and is ready for more - he didn't want to return his skis to the rental shop after his lesson.  He also keeps asking for poles, to which I always respond, "Poles are for when you go on black diamonds."  In return, he's been telling me that he doesn't want to go on black diamonds or double black diamonds until he's four.  Sounds good to me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Lego League Event!

We went to our First Lego League competition yesterday and had a great time.  The boys did well, bringing home a "Rising Stars" award.  But the story I want to tell is this one:

After their first robot run (there are three), the judge was adding up the points.  It looked like a perfect run from where I stood, but then Emmett pointed out to the judge that one of the blue quilts was outside of the scoring area.  It was a *nearly* perfect run, and something great to remember about Emmett.  He said, "I'd rather be scored correctly than higher."  Something must be going right.

It's cold!

Henry has started asking periodically, "Is it summer yet?" and "When will it be summer?"  Poor kid.  If you can see snow on the lawn, summer is a ways off...