Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Monkey suck

Henry likes to make up code signals and code words for things. I'll ask him what he wants for lunch, and he'll say, "If I look to the right that means PB&J, and if I look to the left that means grilled cheese," and then I have to carefully watch him to see what he wants. Right now, we're on the couch and I'm sitting between him and the table where his drink is. The code for "Please pass me my drink," is "Monkey suck." At least this one is somewhat related to his request so it's easy to remember...

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

An April Story

We have some beef-tendon that David got as a very high value treat when he was taking the training classes with Blaise. It was on a high shelf, but must have fallen because I found April in the closet happily munching on it. I quickly closed the door and went to get a treat to trade her for the beef tendon. I figured if the greyhounds found her with the tendon that could cause a big ruckus.

When I went to trade with the treat, she was *fast as lightning* and then had both the new treat *and* the tendon in her mouth. We tugged a bit, but she's tiny so I won and put the tendon away. I thought there was another piece but couldn't find it, so I guessed she just ate it. I was glad to be done with the possibility of disagreement between the dogs, so I went about my day.

Twenty minutes or so later, I went back into my room. The two big dogs were standing near the closet looking in, and April was in the closet chewing on the other piece of tendon! The greyhounds were looking at each other, but not approaching April at all. I took them out of the room and went to get another treat to trade for the tendon.

When I got back this time, she had left the tendon in the closet and was waiting for me at the door. I tossed my treat into the room, she chased after it, and I was able to easily get the tendon to put away. I can't believe the greyhounds didn't take the tendon from her! I'm so glad they didn't try. :)