Saturday, September 13, 2014


We drove a couple hours last night to try to see the aurora (no luck), so the kids were all sleeping in the car. Emmett woke up, agitated and almost frantically looking for something. I kept asking him what he was looking for - he had a drink and a kindle, but it was neither of those. I didn't think he had anything else with him. In the end, all he could say was he'd lost something, but he couldn't remember what. David and I let him in on how strange dreams can be sometimes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Man On Wire

Watching Man On Wire, there were some French speakers with subtitles, and some with French accents who were somewhat hard to understand. Henry now thinks he knows French, because he understood the ones talking with a French accent.

At dinner, I told David about the part where the NYPD were threatening to bring in a helicopter to pluck him off the wire. After an accomplice on the roof talked to the police, he yelled something in French out to the wirewalker and he came in without much further delay.  Henry said, "I can probably translate it! What did he say?" (as if I would be able to reproduce the French I heard earlier in the documentary)

Puppy mode

Henry's been going into "Puppy Mode" lately. He'll crouch down and start panting. Sometimes he tells me he's in puppy mode, sometimes I have to figure that out for myself. He wants me to scratch behind his ears. So far he hasn't licked me much. He's gone into "Monkey Mode" once or twice, making monkey sounds, but that's much less frequent.