Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ski School

Henry had a few ski lessons when he was almost four, and then one or two when he was four. Then David was a skilled enough skier to be the "responsible adult" for Henry, so he hasn't had a lesson in a few years.

Today was his first of a series of 4 ski lessons at Brighton. The ski school asks what level your kid is at so they can place  him in the correct class. The levels go from 1 - learning to turn on greens through 6 - uses parallel turns on black diamonds. I marked Henry as a 5-6, because part of why we put him in these lessons is that we want someone else to nag him about dropping into a lazy wedge when the terrain gets steep. (He swears he's not wedging, ever.)

Despite difficult weather conditions today, Henry had a great time in his class. The instructor report after class started with "He's a great skier. He's beyond these 6 levels."


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