Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chicken Honk

A few days ago while watching Wreck It Ralph, Henry asked, "What's a chicken honk?" I was puzzled of course, told him I didn't know, and asked for more information. A character in the movie had just said, "Cy-bugs'll chew up that game faster than a chicken hawk in a coop of crippled roosters." He relayed enough of the quote to me that I was able to figure it out, but I think now they'll always be chicken honks in my heart.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ski School

Henry had a few ski lessons when he was almost four, and then one or two when he was four. Then David was a skilled enough skier to be the "responsible adult" for Henry, so he hasn't had a lesson in a few years.

Today was his first of a series of 4 ski lessons at Brighton. The ski school asks what level your kid is at so they can place  him in the correct class. The levels go from 1 - learning to turn on greens through 6 - uses parallel turns on black diamonds. I marked Henry as a 5-6, because part of why we put him in these lessons is that we want someone else to nag him about dropping into a lazy wedge when the terrain gets steep. (He swears he's not wedging, ever.)

Despite difficult weather conditions today, Henry had a great time in his class. The instructor report after class started with "He's a great skier. He's beyond these 6 levels."

Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Luke: What's for dessert?

Me: Um, eat something from your candy bag.

Luke runs off to dig through his giant haul from yesterday. A couple minutes later:

Luke: But my candy bag doesn't have any ice cream in it! I like ice cream!

Sunday, July 31, 2016


As we pulled into Costco a couple weeks ago, Henry said, "Why on earth is there a "T" in Costco???"

Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's a beautiful noise. It's a beautiful noise. It's a beautiful noise.

For no reason at all, Emmett and Luke have been playing a lot of piano lately. Emmett is the only one who has ever had lessons (from about age 7-9, he's 12 now). Emmett has taught Luke quite a bit about reading notes. No one is a good sight reader, in fact they are terrible at it! Mostly they like picking out melodies. I've tried to encourage them to learn entire songs, but they like to play the same riff overandover and fasterandfaster until David and I almost go insane. Luke has learned at least one full song with both hands, though, and Emmett is picking out some of his favorite pieces he learned in lessons. Even Henry is getting in on, learning little bits of this and that. There is far more time spent playing piano lately than there ever was when I was forcing Emmett to play 15 minutes a day during lessons. Thankfully, we have an electric piano and they do turn the volume down when we ask. It's been interesting to observe their self-directed explorations.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Old stuff I forgot to post here

July: Luke is currently sorting his collection of teeth. (He keeps all the teeth he's lost in an old pill bottle. It's gross.)

20 Questions with kids can be *super* challenging. Like when you're trying to guess what's hairy, four legged, lives in Utah but not at the zoo, we saw one once inside somewhere, and is sometimes a predator that also eats leaves. And it's a Gorilla. That lives at the zoo (Why did Henry think the gorilla wasn't at the zoo? Where did he think we saw it?)

August: I've been trying some new crock pot meals and making basalmic pork with pears. Friends had said it smelled great! Then at almost dinner time, I was walking down the hallway towards the kitchen when Luke came through the door. Suddenly, he froze in his tracks, with a look of almost panic on his face. "Did someone puke?" I think he froze because he thought he might step in something. Needless to say, he had a quesadilla for dinner, and ate it on the porch.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Legal Math

Luke was supposed to convert 1/8 into a decimal by doing long division. I looked at his paper and only the answer was written down, so I asked him how he did that. He said, "I asked Emmett what half of 25 was, and he told me half of 24 was 12 so I wrote down 0.125." Well. I guess that'll do. (To catch you up: 1/8 is half of 1/4, which Luke already knows is 0.25 because it's easy and also experience with money)

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


This is Henry's summer Spanish notebook. He decorated it with, among other things, the alphabet. While doing this, he looked at me and exclaimed with surprise, "There are two xes in the alphabet?!?!?" I was puzzled, so I said I didn't think there were. He said, "Q R *X* T U V, W *X* Y Z!" So I explained that while "S" sounds kind of like "X," that first one is an "S" not an "X." You can see the correction if you look for it.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Emmett, Luke and I were doing history (watching an online lecture) and Henry came up to us with a pretty sad face. I thought he was just bored, but he looked really sad so I asked what was wrong. He said, "I dropped my marshmallow." That *is* a tragedy, so we paused history and got him a new one.

Monday, May 04, 2015

I almost forgot!

When we were flying from Houston to Denver, Luke looked out the window and spotted a thunderhead below us with visible lighting in it! It was really cool - we were far enough away that you could see the whole cloud light up with a soft glow each time lightning would strike (which was often!). In just a few minutes we had passed it, but it was really cool while it lasted.