Monday, January 23, 2006

Spark in the dark

You've probably heard about all the extra static and sparking we get here in the dry Utah air. Emmett has discovered it, and he likes it. He's got a large alligator stuffed animal, and he's learned that when it is very dark and he runs his hand across it's belly, he can see sparks. So these days, instead of asking for more light when he goes to bed, sometimes he asks for it to be really dark, so he can see the sparks.

Who's dog is it?

When you ask Emmett which dog is his, he'll always say "Jenny." Today, I followed up the question with "Well, who's dog is Jake?" Emmett said "Daddy's." So I asked him, "Well, who is my dog then?" He said "We can buy a new dog for you."

Update: A few days later, Emmett came to me and said (out of the blue) "We can share Jenny." It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Quiet blog

Andrea was here for a week, and Emmett had a great time with her. We had great fun at the library, at the park, and just playing around at home. Then we went tubing at a hill with a lift, and Emmett loved it. It was great fun for all.

Emmett continues to have a blast in the snow. Each time we get a new dusting, he suits up into his snowsuit and tromps around the backyard. Favorite pastimes include going down the slide sending the powder flying, swinging on his belly, and gathering snow from the deck and dropping it onto the ground.

Since Christmas, we've been playing a bunch of games with Emmett. His favorite is Don't Break the Ice, although he seems to be confused about what constitutes "winning." He also enjoys UNO, and never forgets to yell "UNO!" when he's down to one card. He wins a fair bit, too, as David and I try to stick each other with the draw cards whenever possible.

Finally, one day Emmett decided that he wanted to give our basketball to the Lakers. So they would have four. Who knows what is really going on in there.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sleep? Why?

This morning around 5am Emmett woke up. He'd been having a bad dream, and was upset about something. He was saying "I want to go to the park," but he wasn't really awake. In times like these, I tend to tell him whatever it is that he wants to hear, so he'll settle down and sleep. But when it happens as late as 5, I usually bring him to our bed, because he'll have a lot of trouble falling back asleep alone when he's already had almost a full nights sleep.

He continued sleeping for a while, but there was much tossing and some "I want to go the park" yelling. As soon as it started to get light outside, he was trying to talk me into getting up. I'd tell him it was still dark, and so it was still time to sleep.

Finally, getting creative, he said "Do you see that closet door over there?" He pointed to a slightly open closet door. "That means it's morning and time to get up."

Monday, January 02, 2006


While Emmett was supposed to be going to sleep, Andrea and I watched TV. Emmett was making noise, so David checked on him. Emmett asked, "Why is mom laughing?" David said he didn't know. Emmett responded with "Maybe she's reading a blog on the computer."