Monday, September 19, 2011

Henry said it

Henry's been "spelling" lately. He only spells three things, and it sounds like this:

"b-i-k-e, Pineapple!"
"b-i-k-e, Mickey Mouse!"
"b-i-k-e, bike!"

Also, we were talking about Grandma coming to visit, and Henry said, "Our friend Grandma commin' to stay at our house!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ruined by his brothers

Henry has picked up the word "stupid" from his brothers. I don't hear it often, but he used it today.

Our neighbor found a tortoise(!) in the middle of our street. When she found the owners, her son (Emmett's friend J) was very sad - he'd been hoping for a new pet. We have a "twilight turtle," a stuffed animal with LEDs in its shell to project stars on the ceiling. I thought it would be nice to lend it to J, so Emmett brought it out to show him. As soon as Henry saw the twilight turtle, he started saying "I just want my turtle!" Oops!

As it turns out, J didn't want to borrow the twilight turtle, so Henry carried it home again. On the way I told him things like, "It was so nice of you to show J your turtle!" as if that were the plan the whole time. After we'd been home a while, Henry said to me, "That turtle thing was stupid!" I said, "It was so nice of you to show J your turtle!" He replied, "No, it was stupid!"

Friday, September 09, 2011

This really just happened

Emmett, at nearly 10 o'clock, comes out to get a drink. While doing that, he informs us that the dish soap lid is open. "Yes," I say, "I use it so many times a day that I don't open and close it, I just leave it open."

Then we hear, "Either the microwave or oven clock is one minute slow."
"Ok," I say.
"Well which is it?"
"I don't know."
"Well, what time is it on your computer?"
"Nine forty-six."
"Ok, the oven clock is one minute fast."

Similar exchanges occur daily. Detail oriented? Perhaps.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Henry said it

Henry's had a fever off and on for just about the whole week. I can always tell if he's feeling bad because he comes to me and says, "Hold me." He doesn't like tylenol or ibuprofin, but he's been getting lots of both of them this week. He doesn't fight me terribly, just a little struggling and yelling.

Tonight after he got his bedtime dose and he wasn't fussing anymore, he simply said, "I didn't like that!"