Saturday, February 11, 2012

Smarter than he looks!

We went to Noodles for dinner today. It was kind of chaotic - zillions of teenagers in formal dresses had decided to eat there before the dance. We lucked into a table, though, and got our food. After eating we wanted to leave pretty quickly to make room for others. Between telling Luke to stop playing with the window blinds, wondering why Emmett was wearing the crazy glasses he got with tickets at Boondocks last week, and asking each kid if they wanted to bring their drinks (vanilla root beer!) home with us (Emmett, no, Luke and Henry, yes), I left my purse on the seat in the booth. As I headed towards the door, Henry jumped back into the booth. Just as I started to say, "Henry, we're leaving!" I realized that he not only knew I'd forgotten my purse, but he was getting it for me. Not bad for a not-quite-three year old!

Sunday, February 05, 2012


This year for Emmett's birthday, I just didn't have it in me to top "Spy School" (was that just a year ago? Or has it been two?), so I suggested that we take his two best friends to Boondocks for his birthday instead of a party at our house.

The boys had a great time - Henry played in the little kid play area, and the "big kids" did everything - mini golf, go-karts (Luke rode along with dad), a "virtual roller coaster," laser tag, and mini-golf again. As played by Luke and Jacob, mini-golf is an aerobic event. You put the ball on the tee, hit it once, then dash to the green where you corral it into the hole asap. Then you run to the next hole and do it again. My theory is that they were cold so they had to keep moving. And of course, they repeatedly refused sweatshirts.

After we were done playing, we had dinner and ice cream sundaes. On the way out, I asked Emmett how it went, and he replied, "It was awesome!" with the kind of enthusiasm that makes a mom forget that she's exhausted from the past four hours of constant vigilance keeping track of everyone. I think they all had a great time.