Friday, March 22, 2013

Henry at play

The kids use the Duplo blocks (huge legos) for building guns mostly.  Sometimes swords!  Emmett and Luke like to make multiple weapons, and then hold one behind their backs by tucking it into their collar.  Henry was trying this yesterday, but was having trouble getting his "gun" tucked in properly so I helped him.  He held up his biggest gun, and explained, "This is my first-dary weapon, and that is my secondary weapon."  He also had a "knife" that I helped him tuck into his waistband.  "That's my third-dary weapon." 


Since Luke has learned to whistle, he's adopted the habit of whistling all the time.  Between sentences.  While he's waiting for you to answer him.  Anytime he's inhaling.  It's like living with a little bird.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Uh oh!

David was skiing with Henry when they came out onto some smooth open snow.  David said, "Now we can do tricks," and he proceeded to do a 360 degree turn, something he's been working on this year.  Henry looked worried and said, "But I don't know how to do that!"  Maybe next year, Henry!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Thanks, Emmett.

At the first week of their ski lessons, David dropped Emmett and Luke off at their classes.  Yesterday David was starting his class, though, so I took them to their classes.  There are a lot of classes that meet outside, so there are signs up for each class - the big kids meet by letters and the little kids meet by numbers.  Emmett is in class "I" and Luke is in class 11. 

The alphabet signs were clearly visible as we approached, but the numbers were behind some trees so I turned to ask Luke which way we should go around them.  Emmett helpfully called out, "See those signs?  My class meets by the one with a single line on it!"  Um, thanks for describing the letter "I" in a way I can understand, Emmett!

Sweet kid

Henry has been so sweet about my birthday.  All day yesterday I was getting "birthday hugs" and "birthday kisses." 

This morning Henry said, "Yesterday was your birthday?" I say, "Yep. You're three and on your birthday you'll be four, so I was 38 and today I am..." He says, "68!" But then he gave me an "after birthday hug and kiss" so I'll keep him.