Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lessons, lessons, everywhere

The second ice skating lesson went great for Luke. He looked at his teacher! Maybe next week he'll talk, or take her hand? More importantly, though, he figured out how to push his walker around on the ice, and got very comfortable getting up after falling. He scooted all over the rink, and each time he fell he'd throw his head back and yell, "I'm okay!" and pick himself up.

Emmett took his second skiing lesson last weekend, and hit two milestones - they took of his tip-clamps, and he went down his very first blue run! He's not doing parallel turns yet, but he is skiing back and forth across slopes (rather than just going straight down in a big snowplow, which is what kids tend to do at first), David skied his first black diamond, too, so it was a milestone-packed weekend.


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