Monday, April 05, 2010


Luke is excellent at hiding. Whenever we're heading off to my room, either to change a diaper or put on pjs, he runs in ahead of me and hides under the blanket. Over time he's learned to lie flat on the bed, and he can be surprisingly hard to find under our puffy feather blanket. I usually flop down on it and squish him. The giggles give him away.

Our neighbor reported a remarkable hiding feat that happened at her house - the kids were playing hide and seek, and Luke hid under a pile of blankets in the living room for 10 minutes or so while the kids had no idea where he was! I'm amazed that he stayed hidden for so long. He really "gets" hiding.

Speaking of hiding, Luke's been hiding while we're shopping and that causes some problems! I taught him how the game Marco Polo works, and now while we're shopping if I call out "Marco" he'll reply with "Polo" so I can find him. Sometimes he's further away than I'd like, but at least I know where he is.


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