Friday, March 11, 2011

Skiing again

Today I took the boys to Brighton to ski again. Luke took a morning lesson, and Emmett skied with a friend named Eden. Henry spent a lot of time on my back.

It was a good day - in his lesson, Luke progressed to the point where he doesn't need tip-clamps any more, and he gets off the lift by himself. After his lesson and a little lunch he was so tired that he slept for a long time in the wooden chairs in the lodge! Next time he wants to take an afternoon lesson too, but I wonder if he'll have the energy. I guess we'll have to find out!

Emmett had a little trouble with his skis the first time up the lift, and had forgotten his gloves so there was a little trauma there. It was a warm day, but he kept falling and his hands were cold. In the end, a stranger gave him some gloves and he skied down. Eden's mom found her and returned the gloves while I had his skis adjusted. After he got his confidence back on the bunny hill, he and Eden had a good time skiing together.

At lunch time Henry had lots of fun being out of his coat and off my back (he absolutely hated getting into warm clothes today, throwing huge fits each time I put his jacket on him). We played with the toys I'd brought and had a good time.

After Luke woke up from his nap, he wanted to ski some more but it was too late for another lesson. We decided that Luke, Eden, and Emmett would ski the bunny hill together. That's the hill Luke skied all morning with his class, and my big worry was that he'd have trouble getting from the lift-exit-area over to where you start skiing down. Emmett promised not to ski down until Luke made it past that area, so up they went. Unfortunately it didn't go very well. Luke cleared the lift area, but on the way down he fell and had trouble getting up. When Emmett tried to help him, he started slipping backwards down the hill, so he just skied down. This hill is where all the beginning classes ski, so it's covered with instructors. One of them noticed Luke and helped him down the hill. I didn't let him go back up, though, since we had no one to ski with him that could actually help him.

In the end, both of my boys spent a little time today sitting on the hill and crying, and I couldn't help them. Both of them were helped by strangers. Come to think of it, I was helped by a stranger, too, when Henry was asleep on my back and I needed help getting the hood of the carrier over his head. Another person helped Emmett get his skis on while he was crossing the resort at the bottom of the mountain. And a stranger picked Luke up when he fell while walking with me - she was closer to him and I had Henry on my back and was carrying a big bag. I'm not sure what makes skiers so nice, but I think it's good for all of us.


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