Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's a beautiful noise. It's a beautiful noise. It's a beautiful noise.

For no reason at all, Emmett and Luke have been playing a lot of piano lately. Emmett is the only one who has ever had lessons (from about age 7-9, he's 12 now). Emmett has taught Luke quite a bit about reading notes. No one is a good sight reader, in fact they are terrible at it! Mostly they like picking out melodies. I've tried to encourage them to learn entire songs, but they like to play the same riff overandover and fasterandfaster until David and I almost go insane. Luke has learned at least one full song with both hands, though, and Emmett is picking out some of his favorite pieces he learned in lessons. Even Henry is getting in on, learning little bits of this and that. There is far more time spent playing piano lately than there ever was when I was forcing Emmett to play 15 minutes a day during lessons. Thankfully, we have an electric piano and they do turn the volume down when we ask. It's been interesting to observe their self-directed explorations.


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