Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Helping with the baby

We've of course been talking about the baby. Emmett knows that babies don't know how to do very much, and seems excited by the idea of teaching the baby to do lots of things. So far, he wants to teach the baby to zoup (that is, run across the yard and jump onto the swing with your belly). He also talks about teaching the baby to run.

Tonight he said we'll need a place for the baby to sleep. I explained that the baby would sleep in mom and dad's room because he will need to nurse during the night. Emmett said "I could nurse the baby." I told him that mommies make milk for babies. He replied "But we don't have any milk" (we're out of milk as of this morning). I told him that milk for babies comes from mommy's breasts, and he seemed satisfied by that answer.

A few minutes later Emmett called me back to his room and asked me "How can I help your breasts make the milk?" I smiled, and told him he should remind me to drink lots of water and milk, because that would help.

Guinea Pigs

Ever since I pulled out the book "Children Just Like Me," which features children from many countries and what their daily lives are like, Emmett has been interested in other countries. At first, he'd just ask to read about the children. A few days ago, I bought him a little globe, so now he's pointing to it and asking me about the countries.

He pointed to New Guinea and asked me what country it was. After telling him, he asked if that is where guinea pigs live. David and I laughed, and told him it was a good guess, but not true. Then he asked me if that was where the lady who has the guinea pigs lives (we've been to her house, and Emmett really liked the pigs). We said no, she lives in Salt Lake City. New Guinea is much too far for a playdate.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Anything for a dum-dum

Emmett really wasn't interested in being the ring bearer in Becky's wedding. At the rehearsal he wasn't happy about it. The morning of the wedding I was telling him what an important job it was and he yelled "I don't want a job!"

I promised him that when he got to the front with a pillow, he could have a dum-dum. At the ceremony site, I unwrapped a dum-dum and tucked it into my bouquet. I showed it to Emmett and reminded him that he'd get the sucker when he delivered the pillow. He did a great job during the ceremony, and even stood beside me the whole time eating his sucker.

What would you like to talk about today?

Usually when Emmett asks this question, he just wants you to ask him. His favorite answers include Sea World, horses, and Disneyland.

A couple days before Becky's wedding, he started answering her with "I want to talk about you getting married." And the day after the wedding, he answered with "I want to talk about you putting Dean's ring on his finger." I guess he was paying attention during the ceremony after all.

Theme parks

Emmett and I had a great day at Disneyland. A little rain is nothing when you have ponchos. This time, he really enjoyed the teacups. He was giggling like crazy and making the best faces! He also liked the tiki room, train, dumbo (of course), small world, and the parade. He didn't like Mr. Toad, and he liked Alice in Wonderland except for the part with the queen.

At Sea World, Emmett seemed to really like the animal shows. The dolphin show was pretty lame, but the Shamu show was great and we had great seats. Before the show, Emmett said he wanted to sit where we could be splashed, so we had great seats up front where the whales come up onto the little platform. After the splashing, Emmett said he liked the show when the whales were jumping, but not when they were splashing. I asked him why he was giggling when we were being splashed, and he said "Because I liked it a little bit."

You know your child is tired when...

Emmett had been eyeing a Toblerone candy bar all week, so when we finally got into the car to drive home we decided to share some with him. David handed him a piece, and then ate one himself. As he finished up, I asked him to look and see how messy Emmett had gotten. When he turned around, Emmett had already fallen asleep. He said "He's still chewing." Emmett tossed his head around a few more times and was out cold.

We arrived home around 6:45am. Emmett really did sleep most of the way, but woke up around 3:30am and stayed awake for a while (I guess he sleeps lightly in the car!). Anyway, since it was getting light already, I decided to let him sleep in our bed if he wanted. I told him that as I changed his diaper, and he agreed to bring his chicken pillow and meet me in my room (I went to put on pjs). When I was done getting ready for bed, Emmett had fallen back asleep on his bed. He'd turned around and was holding his chicken pillow, but he was fast asleep. I think he tried to get up and follow me, but he was just too tired.